Third Party Reviews

Michael Wiggins | December 02, 2018 |

"Ileana took really good care of me. Great atmosphere. Great customer service. Good prices. Thanks sport clips. Just wish your girls do hot shaves!!!"

Jeff Hamilton | December 03, 2018 |

"I get good hair cuts here it's a little more but worth it"

Dany Phung | December 04, 2018 |

"Wow this is one of the best barbershop I’ve ever been to the new customer haircut includes warm towel; getting a hair wash while laying on the massage chair is like heaven. Cat who is my style is such wonderful person and her attention to details makes me want to keep coming back. Thank you for the amazing service ;)"

Shane W. | December 06, 2018 |

"Ileana is a great cosmetologist. Cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. Perfect blend and fade. Exceptional job, great customer service and reasonably priced. Even gave me the "mvp" treatment for first time visit. Thank you sport clips!"

Juan Soria | December 03, 2018 |

"My daughter I took me here for the 1st time the crepes were great"

Adrian B. | December 04, 2018 |

"One of the worst haircuts I've ever received. I specifically asked for my same haircut (on-file) with exception to the blade size 1 instead of a 2. Michelle decided to proceed with shaving my entire head with a 1! No blend. Chopped my hair on top (picture a military cut) when all I asked for was a light trim on top. When I stopped her mid cut and asked her what she was doing, she looked at me with this dumbfounded look like "what do you mean?". I explained to her what I asked for and she basically argued with me trying to justify why SHE decided to go with a cut she felt was best for me. After explaining I felt like I should head over to the local PD and/or armed forces recruiter to apply/enlist, she smirked and stated she must have misunderstood but not to worry my haircut was free. Uh, paying for a haircut was the least of my worries at this point. After again trying to justify her style of haircut for me, I interrupted and expressed how embarrassing and ridiculous that I have to argue with a hairstylist on why I feel this cut was horrible. I questioned how long she's been a hairstylist and employed at this facility? She avoided the questions. I left, aggravated, embarrassed, and contemplating how I'm going to show up to work this week with a dome that looks like Bert from Sesame Street. A hat or beanie are out of the question. Don't go here! Endure the extra day of long hair and choose another spot. Or at minimum avoid Michelle at all cost! My and my family's loyalty to this location has ended. Ridiculous I have to type this. At my age, I shouldn't have to worry about a regular haircut."

boris chikezie | November 28, 2018 |

"Yo the clips are great and everything is good"

lori loutsenhizer | November 29, 2018 |

"Hair cut was okay.. even though it's not what my son asked for. She didn't give him the flip in the front and that's all he asked for. Most important is every girl working there looked miserable. I almost got up and left after waiting 30 minutes because not one girl smiled or was friendly to anyone while I was there."

Jeff Hirashima | November 30, 2018 |

"Friendly staff and great overall experience... Jessica gave me a fantastic haircut, l’ll definitely be back and requested her specifically."

Erik Cortez | November 21, 2018 |

"Jessica knew what she was doing and her attention to detail was superb"